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Contact Us

Send us an email so we can talk through the process if you have any questions.

Work with translation partners

​If you are not part of a translation organization, consider partnering with one.

Assist with connections

​We may be able to help you in connecting with a local translation partner.

Lay project foundation

While working in partnership, determine:

  • Target language and corresponding ISO code
  • Reference versions—do audio recordings exist? If they do not, we can help you record these, but we will need to start 5 months before the project start date. We may also need your assistance in securing permissions for using references.
  • What the initial scope of your translation will be
  • Desired software interface language

Provide options

We can inform you of the recordings that we have available to use as references for a translation into a new language. We will work together to secure permissions to use references in your project.

Building your team

For a detailed list of everyone that is needed, download the Render Team Guidelines document.

  • Project setup coordinator*
  • Mother tongue translators
  • Team exegetical advisor(s)
  • Certified translation consultant
  • Project technician*
  • Back translator
  • Uninitiated community members

*Can also fill other roles

Submit project request form

Please request your project here.

Review and schedule projects

Once we receive a project request form, we will review your request and follow up with any additional questions. We can then schedule your project start date.

Determine equipment for your project

  • Computers/tablets
  • Headsets/microphones
  • Speakers

See the project equipment specifications for the minimum requirements.

Provide hardware recommendations

We have tested Render on various Windows devices using different headset microphones. See the project equipment specifications for specific device recommendations.

Select reference audio

Choose the audio versions that you want loaded into the software.

Set up reference audio

Once you have selected your references, we will cut the audio and complete the initial setup.

Sign licensing agreement

You will always own all the audio produced with Render.

Sign licensing agreement

We will hold the right to distribute the audio freely.

Set up project users

After your project setup is complete, the project administrator will be able to download the project and set up all of the roles for users on your project.

Provide project technician training

The project technician needs to be available to receive training on their role in Render so they can set up the project before the training workshop.

Partner in training

If you are interested, talk to us about training trainers for your organization.

Partner in training

We will provide all the training you need to start a project with Render.

Use Render

Conduct your translation work. Render facilitates all translation roles during your project. Check out the Project Workflow (PDF) for detailed information on how the roles work together.

Provide troubleshooting

When issues arise, you can view tutorials or put in a help ticket at our Render Help Center.

Provide technical support

In addition to the technical training we provide, we will also give support when there are other issues with the software.

Distribute and use your audio

You can export the audio from your project at any time to be used in your community.

Edit audio files and assist in distribution

When the scope of your project is complete, we will edit all the files for quality and can help you in distributing these files for engagement in the community.

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